Well, I was shocked to discover that it has been nearly a year since our last post to the KandY Shoppe. Shame on us! We apologize for the not so brief intermission, but oh how time flies when you're feeling overwhelmed... These past twelve months, we learned a lot and have much to share about our experiences. For one, we quickly discovered how challenging it is to regularly write a blog when the rest of your life is super, crazy busy. Something had to give and unfortunately for our loyal readers, it was the KandY Shoppe blog. That said, we're back and ready to pick up where we left off – sharing our experiences as entrepreneurs (and now parents) as we continue to forge ahead with our ventures and adventures! We endeavor to write regularly about our lives, the things we discover as entrepreneurs, and whatever else we find interesting day in and day out!

The last twelve months can be summed up as follows: Yun started working on a new venture (The Grunion Run), we found out Yun was pregnant, Yun launched The Grunion Run in March, we started working on a new educational app for the Letter Buddies (launching soon), Yun and I were graced with a healthy baby girl (yay!), we started work to redesign the Letter Buddies website (to be released in Aug) and that, more or less, covers it.

Needless to say, the most exciting change has been the addition of our daughter ("The Dragon") into our already crazy mix. While Yun and I have been lucky to practice our parenting skills these past five years on our eight unsuspecting nieces and nephews (all under the age of six), I think all parents can attest that nothing can quite get you 'ready' for taking care of your first child. The past eight weeks since our Little Dragon was born have been the most satisfying, exhilarating, unrelentingly exhausting and humbling two months of my life. Balancing parenting, work and my sports addiction has been extremely challenging, but as this post serves to prove (I hope!), we are starting to find our groove and our new "normal" seems less chaotic and more manageable every day.

As a dad who works from home, it is wonderful to be able to see my daughter anytime that I want, and for Yun, I'm able to share some of the day-to-day childcare responsibilities so that things aren't so overwhelming for either one of us. It was already a big adjustment to go from working in an office to working at home, but the adjustment to working at home with a newborn has been that much more challenging. In particular, finding a consistent time to work seems near impossible (though I'm told this should improve at 3 months; I will let you know) – I find myself sneaking 45 minute work windows at odd moments throughout the day with the only dependable block of work time being from 9pm to 4am, not exactly when I tend to be firing on all cylinders, but beggars can't be choosers. Alas, like every other challenge that we've faced since launching our own company 6 years ago, we again have to adjust quickly to our new life, and continue to remain positive as we figure out how to balance the needs of our growing family with our ever-growing work.

Yun and I are so excited about this next chapter and know The Dragon is going to bring us much joy and happiness. We only hope that we will be able to provide our daughter everything she needs and much of what she may want, all the while figuring how best to successfully pursue our various entrepreneurial interests! Stay tuned!


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