The other day at dinner we had a conversation with Yun's brother and his wife, who is a teacher in a Catholic school in Canada. We were debating the issue of whether the teacher workforce and retention rate would improve with better overall teacher support and increased yearly salaries. Since we started working in educational publishing, Yun and I have felt that higher salaries for teachers would not only attract a larger, more varied set of qualified candidates, but more competitive pay would also reduce teacher turnover, allowing for greater continuity in classrooms across North America. Coincidentally, we just read this New York Times Op-Ed by Dave Eggers and Ninvive Clements Calegari (published April 30, 2011) who share our same thoughts on this very subject, including some compelling research that shows how other countries approach teacher pay. — Kevin

Click Here To Read NYT Article — The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries

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