A few issues from my Fast Company collection over the years...

When you’re trying to start/grow a business, it is impossible not to let your emotions creep up on you — fear, doubt, stress, anxiety...and so much more! K + I know these feelings well and go through the regular roller coaster of ups and downs at least several times...a day, really! And there are definitely times that you sit back and wonder, "What am I doing?? Does anybody care? Do I even care?"

I know it sounds crazy but often, right when those times hit me, my copy of Fast Company happens to arrive in the mail, and for some reason, the stories they feature — about the entrepreneurs and businesses who are creating innovative and exciting products, ideas, you name it — rather than intimidating me and making me feel like I should just give up now because I’ll never be that good, serve to really inspire me and get me back to the computer so I can work on creating something that would one day be featured in the magazine (let's hope!).

I really get the most out of the articles where they talk about trends or feature smaller/up-and-coming companies or people who are really changing the landscape of our lives and business. I tell anyone who is interested in business or running their own business or thinking about running their own business to buy this magazine.  — Yun

Below are a few links to some articles I found particularly memorable (on the Fast Company website there are a lot of interesting daily posts too):

Mind Games, Dec. 31 1999 — This article about an innovative (at the time) marketing company called, Play, is from the first issue of Fast Company that I ever read while living in Beijing, China. I moved there after I graduated college and was very lucky to have met a widely diverse group of people who mentored me and gave me lots of great advice as I found my way in the world. One in particular, was running Westinghouse at the time and passed me his issue of Fast Company because he knew of my inclination towards creative pursuits and really thought this article would interest and inspire me. It certainly did, and I never forgot both the article and his gesture in thinking of me.

What’s the Buzz?, May 1, 2004 — Marketing in this overcrowded marketplace has become the linchpin to any new business staying alive. This article featured a young Boston company called BzzAgent that was trying out a unique method of spreading the word about people’s products. At the time, I was doing marketing for a publishing company (before we started Cavallo), and this article definitely reminded me not to stay comfortable with the traditional methods of dispersing information.

Ideo’s David Kelly on “Design Thinking”, Feb 1, 2009 — David Kelly is the founder of the design firm Ideo and the Stanford D. School, and someone I truly admire. There is a depth of thinking that goes into the creative processes that he pioneered and champions for his clients at Ideo, that truly make me want to challenge myself to work harder and think smarter. David Kelly, his D. school and Ideo, are the only reasons I have ever considered heading back to grad school or leaving my business to get a job.

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