Sorry we've been a little slow on the posts this week. Kevin and I are moving apartments and as you know, that's never fun! You always seem to have more stuff than you ever thought you needed, and that stuff all seems to be just that much heavier than it looked before you picked it up.

I guess that's probably a lot like starting a business. You often worry so much about getting all the details right that by the time you get started you have weighed yourself down with more than you needed and all those plans and details can bog down your product/business from moving forward at a suitable pace. That isn't to say that you shouldn't plan of course, just, as my mum likes to say, everything in moderation.

A great example of this was recently written about in the May 7, 2011 New York Times article, The Class that built Apps, and Fortunes. The article features a 2007 class from Stanford's Persausive Technology Lab whose primary objective was to build apps on the Facebook platform and disseminate their work as quickly as they could to the internet world. It makes for a fascinating lesson in scaling down and simplifying in order to achieve results quickly. As you often hear from graduates of Stanford's b-school, one of the mottos drilled into them is to fail fast, and fail cheaply. Makes a lot of sense given today's intertwined business, technology, and social media environments.

Well, I need to be moving a bit faster myself this morning so I can clear out some of that unnecessary stuff from this apartment and start afresh in our new place! Have a great weekend everyone! — Yun

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