When we first learned about Kickstarter two years ago it was because of this watch project (featured right) posted by Scott Wilson + MINIMAL. The prototype that Wilson wanted to build into a full consumer product was slick and very innovative, and he was seeking $15K but nearly raised $1M! What piqued our interest beyond the watch itself was the concept behind Kickstarter of crowd-funding projects. What a great idea and something perfect for entrepreneurs like us! The website affords individuals and businesses the opportunity to market test their ideas, – be it product, artwork, song, almost anything creative – potentially gain traction for the projects the community supports, and raise some funds from individuals before going into full production for a mass market. For individuals willing to pledge a modest amount (most bids average $50) to support projects that they like, they will receive rewards in return, which are often products at a discount or fun intangible things like naming rights for a clothing company's new tie line. A true win-win situation.

After many years of being a Kickstarter fan, we have decided to launch our own project today, The Grunion Run Kickstarter Project, in an effort to raise awareness and funds for The Grunion Run's new 2013 line of products – ties + pocket squares. We're hopeful that our project will be fully funded as it would be further proof that we're on the right track and reinforces the positive feedback that we've received for the company so far. If nothing else, it will be an interesting process to follow and an experience that we've been seeking for sometime. Check out the Kickstarter Project here and let us know what you think.

– Kevin

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