Since our Letter Buddies AlphaBooks app (for Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) launched in March 2011, we have really thrown ourselves into the world of social media with a gusto that our formerly reluctant “not-exactly-genX-nor-genY” selves had yet to fully embrace beyond the occasional browsing on facebook and reading of a few blogs. I must say it’s been a really interesting learning curve from a business and marketing perspective how to fully leverage our work in this manner — especially given that marketing in the school publishing business is a completely different (and in many ways antiquated) beast.

Drawing from the experiences of those around us that have already achieved success doing what we want to do is obviously one of the best ways to learn, so this morning I’m posting a video interview by GigaOM with the leaders of Rovio — CEO Mikael Hed, and Mighty Eagle (his actual title!), Peter Vesterbacka — the Finnish company that developed the hugely popular game, Angry Birds. At the time of this interview, September 2010, Rovio had sold 6-7 million copies of the Angry Birds game for Apple platforms. As of March 2011, 100 million units have been sold!

Amazing...so of course, one of the first case studies I wanted to examine was Rovio’s and how on earth they managed to create the massive phenomenon of Angry Birds. Check out the video — there are some interesting points to take note of, and definitely more than just good luck and some cute bird drawings involved in getting the game to reach its current dizzying heights. —Yun

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