Hello! Kevin and Yun here. And the KandY Shoppe is our newest little project.
We are a husband and wife team who started our own educational publishing company, Cavallo Publishing, in 2006 selling early childhood materials to schools throughout the US and Canada. 

Last year we decided to take our experiences working with young students, classroom teachers, and educational experts, and combine them with the exciting developments in mobile technology. (Ok, and also we didn't want to feel like dinosaurs in a dying industry!). We recently released our first app, Letter Buddies AlphaBooks, through our new company Cavallo Media.

It's been a huge learning curve for us both — running the businesses, learning new skills, and discovering how much and how little we know about so many things (including each other...read more about us here)! We started this blog to share some of the interesting things we learn about on a daily basis, our crazy stories, the frustrations and successes that come with owning your own company, and well, whatever else we just feel like talking about. Hope you won't find us too tedious and that you'll check back with us once in a while. 

Thanks for reading!

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