I don't read a lot of books, which I realize is ironic as a book publisher, but it's true. I do like reading business books, however, especially ones that aren't too dense, and explore themes through real life examples (think: Malcolm Gladwell). I enjoy books that make you reflect on what you're doing as a business owner and give you something interesting to think about without being so esoteric that you're reaching for the remote to turn on SportsCenter three pages into the Intro. With that in mind, I recently stumbled across a new read, Little Bets, written by Peter Sims, which explores how many people and businesses have garnered their success and grown their business through the experimental process of making a series of small educated guesses or bets. We often focus on the need to have the "Big Idea" in order to start a business or try something new. Sims dispels this notion and provides many examples of how success is often achieved through much less certain and much more modest steps.

As Yun and I enter the world of digital apps, this book could not be more timely. We are forging ahead in a new direction, without much experience (yes, we've published books, but mobile apps is a whole other ball of wax) and we're essentially making our own series of "little bets" to determine what direction to take our business. For myself especially, I know it's easy to get hung up on trying to plan out every permutation of how to grow our business, and trying to embrace the unknown is an even bigger challenge (to which Yun would certainly attest). Little Bets explores how successful entrepreneurs have built their businesses without knowing the end game, but having the guts to figure it out along the way and methodically using experimental steps as a proxy for which direction to ultimately head. 

It's a pretty fast read and one that I would recommend for anyone paralyzed by the planning process that is often overwhelming in starting a business. — Kevin

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