Alphabet Discovery is the second educational app by Cavallo Media Group featuring the popular Letter Buddies characters. Designed specifically for the iPad, Alphabet Discovery encourages learners to explore a whimsical, animated alphabet world. Children will uncover hidden surprises, interacting with objects and characters that will help them to learn to recognize letters, acquire vocabulary, practice oral language skills and more!

While playing the app, children can sing along to a Letter Buddies Alphabet Discovery’s original version of the “Alphabet Song”.  With over 70 animations to explore and learn from, this app will keep your child engaged with new things to discover at every turn!


- Interact with 26 Letter Buddies Characters
- Text boxes show relevant vocabulary
- Multiple words relating to each letter of the alphabet
- Screen remains uncluttered with 3-5 characters per ‘board’
- Arrows allow the user to easily navigate forwards or backwards
- Humorous animations with unexpected twists

Relevant Skills Introduced:
- Letter Recognition
- Phonemic Awareness
- Vocabulary Acquisition
- Oral Language Development

Screenshots from the app:
ABCD Screen
EFG Screen
HIJK Screen
LMNOP Screen
QRS Screen
TUV Screen
WXYZ Screen
After many months in the making, we're happy to release a glimpse of our newest Letter Buddies App – Letter Buddies Alphabet Discovery. Unlike its predecessor  Letter Buddies AlphaBooks, this next installment in the LB series is a departure from a traditional book format. Rather, Alphabet Discovery encourages the child to explore seven unique boards, and to discover hidden objects and animations. Children will learn vocabulary associated with each letter in the alphabet, practice letter recognition and more. With over 70 different animations, Letter Buddies Alphabet Discovery promises to add some fun and humor to early childhood learning.

See the Trailer and Screenshots of the app below:

With fingers crossed, we hope to release this app in the Apple App Store in the coming weeks! If you'd like receive a notification when the app becomes available, please join our mailing list here or become a Facebook Fan.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and hope you're little ones will enjoy our latest release!

- Kevin